Buy a Business

We offer a number of services associated with buying a business and these can be found under our Services,

When you are considering a purchase there are a number of things to consider even before you proceed.  You also need to be clinical in assessing your options including financing the purchase, existing skills and knowledge, and also what you want to do in developing an existing business.

If you want a business out of the box, consider a franchise as you will find that a lot of the operational challenges have been scripted and it is running a business by numbers.  If you want to run the business with your own style, personality or develop other services then a franchise may restrict you in your plans.

So assuming you want a business that is yours and not a franchise consider the purchase of an existing business as the starting point and build a business plan projecting both forward and back.  To find out more about Buying Due Dillegence, Calculating Business Sale, Evaluating Goodwill, Making an Offer and Negotiating follow the links.

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