Due Diligence

Whether you or buying or selling it is important to go through a checklist of activities.  Some are more obvious when you consider things like calculating the business value, organising your finances and pulling together a business plan.  The less obvious are asking others, visit the business determine the goodwill and check the trading history.  Also a good consideration is asking the why and how type questions!

  • Why are the present owners looking to sell?
  • Why would someone be interested?
  • Why would someone lend me money for the purchase?
  • etc, etc.

The how questions are more about the feasibility and logisitics of you running the business.

  • How would I staff the business?
  • How can I do things differently, or would I not want to?
  • How does this impact other commitments, eg existing business, family, other committments?
  • etc, etc.

Being honest, checking and sharing projections, planning, raising concerns and understanding if this is the first purchase that being your own boss can be very rewarding but extremely hard work.

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